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This application allows Contractors of SPV to know about the status of their bills submitted to any SPV/SPVs for payment of KIIFB Projects. Contractors with their mobile number, which is registered by the SPV/s in PFMS of KIIFB, to search the status of their bills. On entering the your registered mobile number in login page an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number. Information available to you in this system is from the date of submission of bills to the SPV till the payment made by KIIFB. The details consist of date of

  1. Submission of Bills by Contractor to SPV
  2. Submission of Bills to KIIFB by SPV
  3. Bill processes in KIIFB
  4. Payment transactions with UTR number

If any clarification is needed on the information provided in this system, the contractors are requested to contact KIIFB’s Help Desk number 0471-2780948. Contractors are advised not to call directly to any Officers in KIIFB except the above number as KIIFB Help Desk is specially designed to handle enquiries from contractors on bills and can provide any clarification which contractors may have.

Important Notice

As per the Agreement between Administrative Department, SPV and KIIFB, each bill will take at-least 30 days to process due to the multi-pronged checking in KIIFB. In some cases , if there are discrepancies in the information in the bill or in technical or other aspects in execution of work, the time taken to complete the process may increase as the bill will go through detailed verification. Contractors are requested to keep in mind that a minimum time is needed to process the bill and that KIIFB is fully dedicated to completing the process as early as possible to release the payment on time. No bills will be kept on hold by KIIFB unless there are serious discrepancies in some aspects of work. Contractors are advised to refrain from contacting KIIFB officers unnecessarily to request for speedy completion of process and release of payment.